The spoiler embargo has finally been lifted now that Nika has returned from Japan so the crew enlists the help of friend of the show Ethys Asher to lend his expertise and discuss Heavensward lore and story up to Patch 3.3. Curious to know what the ruins inside Ozma are all about? Or what the landmasses in 4.0 could possibly be? We break it all down for you in this episode of Limit Break Radio!

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One comment on “Limit Break Radio: A Radio Returns – Episode 71 – Story Time!

  1. Alex Kramer Jul 12, 2016

    Argh, can’t listen to this one yet – and since you asked on the show, the reason I haven’t cleared 3.3 yet is that I moved about a week after 3.3 came out, so I was packing for that week, then moving, and the Internet at my new place causes error 90006 three to fifteen minutes after I log in.

    Every. Time.

    So I’m up to Sohr Kai!

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