Final Fantasy Feast League Week 10 Match-Ups!

April 12, 2016



Good afternoon FFFL fans everywhere! It all comes down to this ladies and gentlemen! Week 10 of the league is upon us and now we determine once and for all who is going to the play-offs and who spends a long off-season trying to figure out what happened.

The Kallo Klux Klan has locked up a first place finish in the regular season as well as their spot in the play-offs, however the rest of the league is in a very different position. Every other team sits with a record of 4-5 and with four teams set to make the playoffs, it’s “win and you’re in” this week in the FFFL!

Heading over to the waiver wire this week, all three teams that lost in week 9 have made changes to their line-ups. Meanwhile, the three winners from last week have chosen to stand firm. First up, the Besaid Butt Plugs have made their first line up change since week 4, opting to sign Ex-Death to the team and dropping Seymour. The butt plugs have struggled as of late and isolated the Maester as their weak point. Ex-Death joins the team and will start over Absolute Virtue.

Next up, Hengr’s Crucible made a rare line-up change. Thancred is coming in off the bench after studying the playbook for a few weeks. He’ll be taking Auron’s spot in the line up. While Auron has been performing well, the team has struggled overall and management felt it was time for a shake up. Management will need to keep a close eye on Auron’s ever-present hip jug as he will now be in charge of the team’s hydration from the bench.

Lastly, Bondage N Servitude made a pair of moves this week. They first benched Jenova, feeling the baddie didn’t perform very well as a tank on the all-hero line up. This moves Lightning back into starting line-up and time will tell how well she functions at tank. Not content to leave Jenova sitting on the bench though, she was cut moments later and Terra was re-signed to the roster. It’s definitely rare for a player to sign with a team that cut them just one week prior, but some hard feelings have apparently been let go.

The standings currently are:

1st: Kallo Klux Klan (7-2)

2nd: Everyone else (4-5)

Voting for Week 10 match-ups after the jump!


It’s the Vicarious Vixens vs the Vaunted Villains in this vexing clash of vitality and vigor! Will Bondage N Servitude catch lightning in a bottle? Or will the butt plugs power their way into the playoffs?


Some may say the crucible picked a bad week to be up against the regular season champs. However, with nothing left to play for until the post-season, will the Kallo Klux Klan be playing at 100% against a Crucible team desperate for a win?


All the way from Garlemald comes the regular season finale featuring the Gaolbirds and the Banana Hammocks. Both teams spent most of the season as cellar dwellers, but at least one of them is assured of making the play offs! Who will it be?!


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