Things get bat shit crazy this week on LBR. Sonomaa from BlueGartr joins the crew to talk an interview he did with the World First Progression team Elysium. Then the hosts pose the question, just how qualified must you be to hold an opinion om the matter? Does the LBR staff itself have the authority to speak on such matters? So we open up our phones lines to hear what YOU have to say. Plus, we discuss popular FFXIV and Gaming YouTuber Mithrie and the criticism he’s facing for turning to the community in a time of need, so the crew responds to the criticism. Buckle up. It gets real.

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One comment on “Limit Break Radio: A Radio Returns – Episode 59 – Progressive Thinking

  1. Josh Sullivan Apr 14, 2016

    Aniero and cast I usually don’t agree with Nika, but she is right. I value her opinion on raiding way more then the rest of you, get over it you salty bitches. That being said that doesn’t mean you can’t have an opinion, say what every you like it’s your show( which I enjoy). I had a raid group but people could not show up and that seems to be the problem every time I try to make one. So I share Nika’s opinion on raiding so it happens to me.

    My other thing is I am not a fan of Mr.Happy at all when it comes to his opinion, so I don’t listen to it. If people want to stand on a soap box and preach that LBR has no right to speak their mind those people can suck a dick. Mr. Happy is a great reporter but that’s where it ends for me and I don’t listen to his opinion piece, that’s all you have to do if you don’t care about something ( move on with your life ).

    I love the show guys, I am unsubing for ffxiv but I have crossed over to final Encounter cast and I especially love Re:fresh and can’t wait for its return.

    P.s. I am not a white knight, like I said at the start I usually don’t agree with Nika, but I have personal experienced what she has expressed so her opinion has weight with me.
    It’s your show say whatever you want, Its really great and entertaining. You casual shitter lmao

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