The Producer Live Letter which was themed UI Design had quite a few surprise gems hidden in the rough, including new content called Platoon and a new Grand Company Rank. The hosts also deliberate on Healer Accuracy and what the hell the Devs are thinking, touch briefly on RDM and BLU (again), as well as Raid Pacing, iLV design for Weapons and Feast Changes. Callers today include two big hitters; JoeNeverFails and SlyakaGreyfox. Tune in for the full skinny.

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One comment on “Limit Break Radio: A Radio Returns – Episode 57 – Mixed Signals

  1. Kimiko Steel Mar 31, 2016

    Just stumbled across you guys at work for something to listen to while I work through my stuff, and you guys are amazing and super funny :>
    I’ve never really listed to anything like this or podcast wise, but I work so much now that I don’t have a solid game timetable to be fully into FF14 like I used to and wish I could – but listening to you guys keeps me update and doesn’t make me feel like I’m behind or I’m too far from the community anymore!
    Awesome work!

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