LBR Patreon Milestones updated!

February 21, 2016

We here at Limit Break Radio say it quite often and it never seems like it’s enough, but we have the best damn fans out there. The amount of love and support you are all willing to give to help us grow and to reach new audiences is just amazing. What started out as a mere hobby for us nine years ago has transformed into what can only be described as a dream. Just over a year ago, we were four sweaty dudes in a cramped computer room (and one Nika on Skype) recording for 9+ hours once a month on a single PC. Now, we’ve renovated a different cramped computer room into a studio. The show is run using three different computers and we stream live every single week, in addition to producing a brand new show soon to be on a weekly basis. You’ve all came together to build Kallo a brand new super computer to stream with, you’ve raised over $2,000 to help support those with gender-identity issues, who face challenges daily, and you have helped fuel a bet worth $4,500 to tattoo Juxta, wax Eskalia and shave Aniero.

Limit Break Radio truly is brought to the fans by the fans and for that you have our everlasting gratitude.

On to the reason for this lengthy thank you, recently we here at Limit Break Radio have begun to branch out and bring you a bit more content. Between the shows, the streams on two channels, Re:fresh Radio and The Late Late Show with Robbie it’s always been our goal to make sure you’re getting the most for your money. So, with all of our previous Milestones on Patreon being hit, we asked ourselves, “whats next?”

Introducing the future of Limit Break Radio\Final Encounter Cast we bring you the next set of Patreon Milestones; which includes all the recent Twitch Shows guaranteed to go weekly as well as an ongoing Poster Series. In addition to these new Milestones, we also plan on adding others in-between as we develop them and come up with new ideas.

As always, your support, feedback and loyalty to us and what we create for you is undying.

Love, The Limit Break Radio Crew.

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