Limit Break Radio breaks a pretty significant milestone: 50 episodes! In the spirit of the “big game” that happened this past weekend, Limit Break Radio brings you the first ever: Final Fantasy Fantasy Draft. In a game that kind of resembles Fantasy Football, the crew drafts heroes from the Final Fantasy universe to create their ultimate 4v4 Wolves Den team. We will be posting a full breakdown of the rules and how the game will unfold here at because you, dear listener, will determine the outcome of these eventual matchups! Also, your calls and emails!

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7 comments on “Limit Break Radio: A Radio Returns – Episode 50 – The League

  1. Jessica Aguilar Feb 9, 2016

    Lol you guys really hopped this XIV football bandwagon that was going around like mad.

  2. Limit Break Radio Feb 9, 2016


  3. Chris Carabin Feb 9, 2016

    If there was more to the pvp.. including uncapped battlegrounds…i would come back…. i dont spend ass loads of time aquiring gear just for you to balance pvp for casuals… mmo pvp is for hardcore players who invest their time to be bwtter geared than the next guy. Basically if ur not topped out and didnt have to get ur ass kicked for weeks to get there then u desrve your scrub status.. but from what i remember the pvp gear wasnt even qorth getting unless u liked to glamour it….

  4. Chris Carabin Feb 9, 2016

    And losers shouldnt get marks… just opens the door for massive botting.

  5. Jessica Aguilar Feb 9, 2016

    There was a huge movement were people were making fantasy drafts of XIV characters on their servers, I was hearing about it from friends. Like they would choose stats of characters as if they were choosing draft picks for raids, very football-esque.

    Guess you guys didn’t hear about that after all XD

  6. Amy Davidson Feb 9, 2016

    In reference to “Minibun’s Healer Woes”, Brd was boring to me till 50-60. Blm and Mch are the only ones I don’t like now. With Blm, I don’t like being hindered in movement even more than I was already. With Mch, if I have a gun I want to get all American with it and shoot it like crazy. I still play both, but it’s meh to me.

  7. Justin Tarlow Feb 11, 2016

    I play Machinist and honestly i been loving it a lot. If you can pull off a 10 bullet combo, you literately go into a quick gun-slinging mode.

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