#TheBet Rules: #CampAniero or #CampJuxta

November 25, 2015

Limit Break Radio’s #TheBet – #CampAniero or #CampJuxta – YOU Decide!

During Episode 39, Aniero Grigori and Juxta Position made an ultimate bet…

Who should be the one to get the FFXIV Legacy tattoo, Aniero Grigori or Juxta Position?


  • Donations must be made during Limit Break Radio’s or Final Encounter Cast’s live streaming, does not matter who is streaming.
    Twitch channels: http://www.twitch.tv/LimitBreakRadio or
  • Donations must be made through Limit Break Radio’s PayPal! —> Limit Break Radio PayPal
  • Make sure to mark your donations with either #CampAniero or #CampJuxta
    ***If your donation message is not marked correctly for your designated team, your donation will not count!
  • First team to $2,500 gets the Legacy Tattoo!

Winner will be filmed LIVE getting the Legacy Tattoo

Losers will be filmed LIVE for the following:

  • If #CampAniero Loses —> Aniero Grigori shaves off his manly beard for two months as well as change to a Lalafell (Potato Odin!) for one month. Eskalia Ryumasa painfully waxes his legs smooth.
  • If #CampJuxta Loses —> Juxta Position and Kallo Landis shave their heads squeaky, shiny clean for two months. Juxta Position will also shave off his eyebrows. Nika Kayanian will no longer be her womanly FemRoe, and change into #CampAniero’s race choice.

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2 comments on “#TheBet Rules: #CampAniero or #CampJuxta

  1. will there be a #teamnika after all?

  2. camp aniero gotta show my love to #eskalia #eskasualsunite

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