Announcing the “Stump the Crew”: The Limit Break Radio Trivia Game

October 12, 2015

Hey everyone!

On episode 35 we’re going to play our very first round of “Stump the Crew” the live and interactive trivia game. The rules are pretty simple (for now) but this game will evolve over time, but that only happens with your help and input. This game is played by calling up LBR live on the show and asking us trivia questions about EITHER Limit Break Radio history or general Final Fantasy XIV trivia and lore. Details after the jump!

OK, now on to the rules:

1) Send a Skype message to Limit Break Radio saying “My name is __________ from the ____________ server and I would like to play Stump The Crew”, we will respond with what number you are in our caller queue. (we may or may not allow for regular phone callers depending on Skype call volume)
2) If you miss your spot in line you will have to send another Skype message and you will be placed at the back of the queue. Miss you spot twice, your done for the day.
3) You can only choose between asking Limit Break Radio trivia or Final Fantasy XIV trivia
4) Limit Break Radio History: this is anything in general about the shows history. Examples: “Juxtaposition was an intern from when to when?” “Who was the guest on the Sea themed episode?” “The poopsock bit originated on what episode?” We will NOT accept: requests for exact word-for-word quotations, oddly specific questions that we, the crew, deem “unreasonable” in the moment. You only need to stump us once to win the prize which is:
This super fucking cool Classic Limit Break Radio Pathtag Keychain!
We figure that this exclusive item is something that die hard Limit Break Radio fans will be able to appreciate.
5) Final Fantasy XIV Lore & Trivia: The category is a harder so be ready for a challenge! Fair game questions include major plot points, side quests, job quests, confirmed Lore, and notable things about the games development. Invalid questions: head cannon, speculation, theory crafting, gear math, or meta-game. Again, anything that we deem “oddly specific” can invalidate your question. You also must get best 2 out of 3, so have 3 FFXIV trivia questions ready to go if this is the path you wish to take. And what do you get of your increased challenge?
A FFXIV Themed Mystery Prize
We have a few FFXIV themed items to give away, and this is your crack at them. We’re not going to tell you what they are until the day of the show, so be sure to catch the episode LIVE to find out what you could win!
6) These rules are subject to change at the will of The Crew. If a new type of invalid question is discovered we reserve the right to add that type of question to the list of rules from that point forward. This game is meant to be fun, not a loot button. Don’t get all butthurt if you loose. Just #GetGood for next time.

We want to allow as many of you to participate as possible, so while we’re asking you all to show up in droves to win some sweet stuff from the LBR Crew, please understand that we may be swamped with contestants. Assuming this bit is successful we will do it again, so if you don’t make it on this time, there’s always next time!

Got it? Good!

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