ALL THIS WEEK: LBR History Week!

October 6, 2015

Hello LBRmy!

We made some mention of this on episode number 33, but we’re going to be celebrating Limit Break Radio’s 9 year lineage by going back through the history of Limit Break Radio. We will be releasing a special bonus podcast provided by our generous patrons over at Patreon where Kallo, Juxta and myself sit down and revisit some of the best clips from the Final Fantasy XI days of Limit Break Radio. But, it’s not done there, we’ll also be cross posting the interviews I did with Ultima Final Fantasy Podcast where I get super in depth about some of the specific behind the scenes stuff that has happened with LBR over the years.

All of those episodes will be posted to our RSS feed and our blog so be on the lookout for those through the week. And all of these are a way to get you prepped for a fun game we’re going to be playing on the show in the near future called: Stump the LBR Staff! We’re going to open the phone lines and if you can stump the LBR crew with trivia about Final Fantasy XIV or trivia about the Limit Break Radio podcast, we’ll give you a prize. What are the prizes? Well, you just have to keep tuning in to find out!

So please enjoy this weeks stroll down memory lane!

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2 comments on “ALL THIS WEEK: LBR History Week!

  1. This could be interdasting… #LBRHistory #GeologicSaltFormation #WayBackWhen #OnePointOhWasntGood

  2. please include the @NimbusFFXI episode.

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