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September 15, 2015

Hey everyone

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve posted anything and that’s because it’s been a few weeks since we could really effectively post to our own site here at Limit Break Radio. We’ve recently experienced an uptick in traffic to the site and it’s been causing our server which has hosted Limit Break Radio and its archive since 2006 to get overloaded with memory errors. After many attempts to optimize the site to no avail, we here at LBR are pleased to announce that we have upgraded our servers in order to better serve our growing audience. More details after the jump…

So Limit Break Radio has been doing alright skating by on a shared server plan, but we have officially upgraded to a VPS package that will guarantee we will no longer run into memory issues and if we do we’ll be able to monitor and react to them quickly. We are considering offloading the Final Fantasy XI shows on to an archive server, let’s call it, so that it eases the load on our current server. But that is a project for down the line.

Also, to follow up on the problems that have plagued our main streaming computer, it seems the parts we have in now are stable enough to continue to use. We have a powerful, quiet PC that will host the stream without sounding like a jet is taking off next door. I would like to thank our Patreon supporters, because without you this would not have been possible.

We will return full functionality to the website by the end of this week and I will be looking to return to active streaming duty around the same time. I appreciate everyone’s patience while we troubleshot our technical issues. Look forward to further blog posts from myself and the other hosts here at LBR as well as videos, memes and whatever else we find interesting about FFXIV.

Thank you!
Aniero Grigori

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