Limit Break Radio returns to form with Aniero manning the helm once more. The crew talks about information revealed out at the 2015 Tokyo Game Show as a part of the special Live Producer Letter. Including the revelation that it will be a whopping 7 weeks before we’ll even see 3.1. But there’s info about airship exploration, Void Ark, Lords of Verminion and much more. Plus, your emails and reactions to last week’s “New World Order”.

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2 comments on “Limit Break Radio: A Radio Returns – Episode 31 – Se7en

  1. NoOneWouldCareAbout5%DropsinA4 Sep 23, 2015

    Aniero BTFO by Nika

  2. Hobbit Sep 26, 2015

    i kinda feel sad that people alwayse complain people complained that coil was to easy (final coil) and people wanted a real challange or harder fights boom savage 3 got that mecanics are harder tank healer and dps cheks are harder but not imposible and i enjoy it currently working on last phase, and sure there are days where we bash our head and dont progres but the other day there is soild progresion i am of the opinion people complain cause they want to complain.
    I agree that putting the story into normal removed some incentive from savage but still a lot of people are of the why bother mentality and thoes people might clear it with echo if they want it.

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