Congratulations to Eskalia for raising $2,100 for SeeDs of Acceptance

August 15, 2015


Just want to send a heartfelt congratulations for Eskalia and his team who did their very first charity stream for SeeDs of Acceptance, a benefit for Go Affirmations. The 24 hour stream was a rousing success ending up with $2,100.21 raised. That’s an incredible response!

Can’t wait to see more of these in the future!

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4 comments on “Congratulations to Eskalia for raising $2,100 for SeeDs of Acceptance

  1. Craig Jensen Aug 15, 2015

    A lot of money raised for a bunch of rasist and rapest… Hear looking at you twitter

  2. Jay Fonseca Aug 15, 2015

    Dude, what are you talking about? And BTW, it’s “racists,” “rapists,” and “here’s.” If you’re gonna toss out accusations, don’t toss out your credibility by spelling like a first grader.

  3. Jay Fonseca Aug 15, 2015

    Oh…… You’re being ironic! Sorry, my hackles automatically go up when I see posts like that. But uh, pay attention to that squiggly red line that you see come up underneath words as you type!

  4. Firnarion Bast Aug 15, 2015

    You made a wonderful work Eskalia! I watched a big Part of your stream and it was a great moment. And that fight with Omega 😮
    Olda_Beldora #TeamPalindrome

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