It’s Limit Break Radio’s first weekly episode, and in keeping with true LBR fashion, we have WAY more information to cover then you would think could be crunched into just over 2 hours. But this isn’t your average FFXIV podcast we’re talking about, this is Limit Break Radio. Weekly LBR! We gettin’ shit done, son! So, here’s, literally, everything we know about Heavensward, culled from press events, interviews, and Live Letter Presentations, this is the most comprehensive list of what we can expect with the Heavensward expansion. So, grab your passes, it’s all aboard the Heavensward hype train as we close in on the final week before early access.

On the next Limit Break Radio: The crew will be discussing job homogenization in Final Fantasy XIV and whether or not the jobs in FFXIV stand out among similar classes in other MMOs. That’s going down Sunday June 14th at 4:00pm Eastern on the Limit Break Radio Twitch channel.

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