Limit Break Radio’s Glamorous Cosplay Contest!

April 24, 2015

Want a chance to win a sweet Gaius Van Baelsar T-Shirt? Here’s how to do it in just a few easy steps!

1. Pick a character from your favorite Game, Tv Show, Comic, Cartoon, Anime — anything works!
2. Scour the game high and low to find the best glamour to dress up your character as your favorite from another medium!
3. Keep in mind that originality matters! We’ve all seen some awesome Link’s from Legend of Zelda and Mario from the Super Mario Brothers…if we get multiple submissions of the same character, you are less likely to win.
4. So, glam up! Take a screenshot and send it to Hosts@LimitBreakRadio.Com with the words Glamour in the title.
5. For references sake you make also attach a picture of the character you are glamouring up as. Just in case it’s so cool we’ve never heard of it.

Contest deadline is by Episode 15. Shirt is a XL. Contest prize was donated by LBR listener Ryoko! Thanks buddy!

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