Limit Break Radio comes drops another fresh steamy pile of Final Fantasy XIV podcasting goodness on your ears just in time for the 2.45 maintenance. Today on the show the crew talk about Patch 2.41 and the Second Coil of Bahamut nerfs, Live Letter XVII and the planned adjustments coming down the line in patch 2.45 and even some brief info about 3.0 the Heavsward expansion. They also read your emails, iTunes reviews and #FMFFLs. The crew even recorded an extra 15 minutes after the show that wasn’t featured on the Twitch stream that we’ve included on the podcast where Aniero, Kallo and Juxta put out their final predictions for the new gun class to be added in 3.0. So, join Limit Break Radio for their very last show for 2014! LBR will have a special wrap up for the 2014 FanFest in Japan to update everyone on the latest Final Fantasy XIV announcements, but other than that, this is it for LBR in 2014. This has been a HUGE year for LBR between bringing the show back, going out to FanFest in Las Vegas, getting to interview ‘Answers’ singer Susan Calloway, and launching the show live on Twitch. That would not have been possible without you, dear listeners. We’ve said it before: you guys make this show fun! Whether it’s sending emails, tweeting with one of the shows hashtags (#FMFFL, #FappingTheRealm), liking our Facebook posts or calling the show. It’s been getting to know you all that’s been the biggest thrill for us out of 2014.

We’re planning some huge things for 2015! We hope you’ll continue to supporting and listening to Limit Break Radio into the coming new year and beyond!

Show Notes:
Patch 2.41 Notes
Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XVIII Q&A Updates
Reddit: Tonight’s Live Letter Fan Translation

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