It’s Limit Break Radio’s coverage of the 2014 Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival from out at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas! What a weekend! There were so many amazing announcements: the new expansion Heavensward and the trailer that accompanied it, along with confirmation of a new playable race, huge new zones, new jobs, a level cap increase, and so much more. Plus a ton of 2.4 info and even some peeks into 2.5 as well. Aniero and Nika spent a lot of time talking to members of the community about their experiences at Fan Fest and their reactions to all the exciting announcements. We spend a little time with Matt Hilton of the Square-Enix community team, catch up with old friends and make new ones. This episode includes clips and interviews from the registration day and day 1 of Fan Fest as well as our wrap up recording in the Rio Pavilion right outside the convention doors. Keep an eye on our website for part 2 of our FanFest wrap up which will come out within the next few days as well as tons of pictures and videos from out at the 2014 Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival.

Show Notes:
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