Hey Limit Break Radio fans, I know we had announced that we were recording episode 10, but we weighed our options and decided that the Live Letter from Tokyo Game Show would make a much more interesting discussion then Patch 2.38. So, we’ve decided to hold back the full episode 10 until next Saturday September 27th 2014 at 3PM eastern when we’ll stream it live on our Twitch TV channel. Instead we took the opportunity to record a smaller show and just talk about Patch 2.38 before it became completely irrelevant and eclipsed by 2.4 hype. So we present episode 9.38! A single segment Limit Break Radio to tide you over until next week when we record episode 10. That means you have another week to enter our #BringSusan contest, PSN card giveaway and send emails to hosts@limitbreakradio.com (we could use some more emails by the way). We’re talking all things Patch 2.38 in this episode, Nexus weapons, Player housing woes and some very critical ‘quality of life’ changes that came along with this patch. Again, we’ll be live on Twitch Saturday September 27th at 3pm eastern for episode 10 of Limit Break Radio: A Radio Returns.

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