What’s better than tome and coil resets? A new episode of Limit Break Radio to top it off is what! On the show today: your calls, emails, #FMFFLs, #FappingTheRealm, and Elitist Party Finders. We also give away a $20 game time card donated to us by @FFXIV_PTFinders. Make sure to follow them on Twitter. This episode was streamed live over Twitch.tv on June 28th 2014. If you would like to call-in to Limit Break Radio make sure you tune in at our Twitch.tv page during the live broadcast for more details on how you can participate!

We’ll be streaming an all new episode of Limit Break Radio going in-depth on the hosts feelings about patch 2.3, we’ll also address some of the Hunt rage that’s been going around the community and have a discussion about 3rd party tools. Please join us on Twitch.tv July 19th 2014, at 3pm EDT for Limit Break Radio!

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