Limit Break Radio is back with an all new episode right on the heels of Final Fantasy XIV’s Letter from the Producer XIV. We talk about changes and additions coming in patch 2.28 due out in June as well as what’s due out in patch 2.3: Ramuh, Crystal Tower part 2, Hullbreaker Isle, Tam-tara Deepcroft (Hard Mode), and Stone Vigil (Hard Mode) dungeons as well as calls from you, the audience. This episode was streamed live over on May 24th 2014 and you can find the archived show complete with brand new in-game visuals and chat log on our and YouTube pages. This episode ran a little long in order to cover everything in the Live Letter and as a result next weeks episode is a touch shorter. We hope this weeks show and our new epic venture into live broadcasting will make up for this discrepancy.

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