Limit Break Radio: A Radio Returns…um…returns with part 3 of Episode 5 streamed through on April 26th 2014. On this show we read your emails, some hate mail, your #FMFFL’s, iTunes reviews watch Denmo Mchstronghuge’s epic video: #FFXIVSelfie. We also announce our giveaway for the Before Meteor Soundtrack donated by Bahan Heorot of Sargatanas. Here’s how to enter:

1) Do a Duty Roulette
2) At the end of the Duty Roulette, plug to your party
3) Take a screenshot
4) Email said screenshot to
5) Repeat

For each screenshot submitted you will receive one entry into the contest. On episode 6 we will announce our winner LIVE on our channel on May 26th 2014 at 2pm EDT

Check out the #FFXIVSelfie video below

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