Happy reset day Eorzea! We may be losing myth tome caps and T1-5 lockouts, but now we’ll have new tome caps and 6-9 lockouts! But Monday’s mean LBR so that’s always a reason to celebrate. Today we take your emails and #FMFFL’s. Remember, if you want your email read on Limit Break Radio to send a email to hosts@limitbreakradio.com, we’ll also read Tweets and Facebook posts of epic Final Fantasy fail as long as you tag them with #FMFFL. We want to read some iTunes reviews on some shows coming up so make sure you leave us a review on our new Final Fantasy XIV only feed now on iTunes. We’re on the cusp of patch 2.2 and as such Limit Break Radio is hard at work to bring back our old segment Limit Breaking News so we can have the latest on the patch notes for you to digest in audio form.

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