Mondays aren’t so bad, right? Tome resets, drop resets, coil resets and a new Limit Break Radio! Episode 3 continues and so does the drinking! The crew continues to work their way through the Live Letter XII Q&A, Juxta goes over the Valentione’s event (which is over now by the way, good job Juxta), what Square-Enix could do to improve Final Fantasy XIV, and we welcome two guests Xyle Harkyn and Katie. Who will be able to make it through to part 3? Who will be the first to pass out? Will anyone throw up and where will they do it? Find out all the answers on Limit Break Radio.

(Big thanks to Anu Naki, Turkish San, Midnightreign Remora, Kye Kytes, Lei Kami, Tuesday Mortis, and Kev Yi from the Sargantanas server for help with the screenshot for todays banner)

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