Aniero and Limit Break Radio at the 2007 FanFest

November 14, 2007

For those that didn’t hear my announcement on the last Limit Breaking News I, Aniero, will be attending the 2007 Final Fantasy XI FanFest! I leave late tomorrow but I will be there in time for the festivities that begin on Friday. Limit Break Radio will be posting episodes each night recapping some of the days events as well as bringing you all the latest news about Wings of the Goddess. Wish me luck on my journey as I hate flying and to all those who will be attending the FanFest look for a guy with a microphone….it’s either me or someone from Pet Food Alpha.

Anyway, for all those who aren’t attending that doesn’t mean you can’t get in on the fun. We want to know what you’re looking forward to the most with Wings of the Goddess, so we invite you to tell us on Voice of Vana’deil! So if you haven’t already, download Skype and send a call to the username limitbreakradio and you will be transfered to the Voices of Vana’diel mailbox! Start calling now cause the festivities are just under a day away!


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