Limit Break Radio: A Radio Returns kicks off it’s first official episode with an epic episode looking ahead to Patch 2.1 due out December 17th 2013. In this, the first part of a three part episode, Aniero, Eskalia and Juxta check out what Yoshi-P had in store for us with the Live Producer Letter X. That covers Crystal Tower, Pharos Sirius, hard mode Haukke Manor and Copperbell Mines, extreme mode primals, Good King Moogle Mog and Duty Roulette. We’ll also go over some of the more burning questions answered in the Q&A section of the Live Letter. That’s all just in the first part! Look forward to parts two and three in the weeks to follow!

We’re trying something new here by breaking up the episode. The total running time of the original show was roughly 3 hours, so what we’re going to try is to break the episode up into thirds to make listening to the show more manageable and have new content hit the feed every Monday. What do you think of the change? Write us and let us know:

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