LBR Update (02-02-12)

February 2, 2012

Hi LBR fans! How’s everything going? Long time no talk, I know. I wanted to take a moment and explain what’s been happening here at Limit Break Radio. I know we haven’t released anything and other then brief vague statements on our Facebook and Twitter pages. I apologize to our fans who still want a LBR to listen to. Here’s where we’re at: none of the hosts of LBR still play Final Fantasy XI. Some of it has to do with lack of content on XI’s part, some of it has to do with the financial realities that the hosts are facing. But the fact still stands that most of the LBR hosts have no actual connection to XI. I’m hesitant to do a show with hosts that don’t play the game because those never work out well. I think things would start to get really negative on our part, and that’s not really what LBR is all about.

I feel, in LBR’s time, that we covered a great deal of content regarding Final Fantasy XI. I’m really proud of what we accomplished in the 5 years we have done this podcast. I’m just sorry we couldn’t keep it going longer. But I’ll be real honest. I’m burnt out on MMOs. So, I need a break; and I need to focus on what is really important: finding a new job. I’ve been 2 years out of work and I really need to find a job. Radio is a tough industry and it’s never been harder to catch a break in this industry then right now. I want to thank you all for your support of LBR over the years. It’s really been because of you that the show lasted as long as it did. Thank you so so much!

But, I will not say this is the end of LBR. Not yet. I feel like Square-Enix might have some tricks up their sleeves to bring players back to XI. I might get a job (and thus disposable income) tomorrow and start playing again. The future is very unpredictable and I’m no fortune teller. I’m kind of bummed, I even made a new intro for the show and never got to use it. Maybe we will one day.

So, I’m officially putting LBR on ‘hiatus’ status until further notice. Once again, thank you fans for your support over the years.


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