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December 5, 2007

Hey everyone. Now we’ve been getting a lot of questions asking: where’s the new show? We want to know the new host! OK, here’s the skinny. We’ve had Episode 26 recorded for a good month or month in a half, before the FanFest for sure. Anyway, I edited most of the episode, and forgot to do signal processing. After applying the signal processing and saving I realized that…the show sounded like total garbage. Imagine listening to an episode that sounded like we encoded it at like 96kbps, yeah it was difficult to get through. So FanFest and my real life have kept me busy since we recorded the show and has held it up, but we should have that out within a few weeks. We’re also scheduling to record Episode 27 next week sometime.

We also have some more new stuff. Some of you have no doubt noticed a change in our board system. Thanks go to Zero for that. We now have sub-forums and we will be expanding the forums. We’re also working on an actual site update to make it easier to post shows and news articles and whatnot. Lastly, we’ve opened an image gallery. This will eventually be the gallery for the entire site, but right now, it hosts our Fan Fest pictures. You can check that out here.

Again, sorry for the lack of recent updates and shows, we’re doing the best we can.


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