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June 21, 2011

Early this morning, the power supply unit of Limit Break Radio’s main editing and broadcasting computer died suddenly. This poses a few problems. Limit Break Radio can still record shows, but without our main computer, editing will take longer and live streaming will be impossible.

As we said on the last episode of Limit Break Radio, we will be changing the Starbreaker extended content program and start phasing out donations, but there’s still time to be grandfathered into the program with a donation to Limit Break Radio today. The new extended content program will include extended content from other show produced by Aniero as well as all future extended content from shows produced by Aniero and possibly others.

It’s because of listeners like you that have supported Limit Break Radio in the past that we have been able to continue operating. We want to thank everyone who has been generous enough to provide LBR with a donation.

But if you listen to Limit Break Radio and you’ve been on the fence in the past don’t pass this up! We could really use the support to fix our machine and you get the satisfaction of knowing you helped us out of a tight spot AND tons of cool bonus content!

Thank you

-Aniero & the Staff of Limit Break Radio

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