Gallery 1988 presents: “Multiplayer” a Limited Poster Series

January 16, 2011

Those of you who know me know that I love art! My parents have always had an appreciation for art and as I grow older I find myself appreciating the art my contemporaries create. Many of the prints that reside on the walls of the apartment I share with Lady Fayne are rooted in TV shows we enjoy, or movies that have impacted us and music that we like.

Yesterday, the folks who operate Gallery 1988 opened a new exhibition showing off the works of artists that were influenced by video games called “Multiplayer”. And today, those works became available to order from their website. 34 artists have contributed to this exhibition and works from nearly all of them are available.

Obviously, Adam Hanson’s screenprinted posted A Muster Of Moogle will be of particular interest to the denizens of this community, but there are many other great works based off video games in this exhibit! Drew Millward’s twisted vision of Sam and Max distinctly harkens back to the work of Ralph Bakshi (can you spot all of the recognizable video game characters strung out in the background?) And one of my all time favorite artists, Kevin Tong, has produced a wonderful piece called My Tetris Heart Longs For Your Push. Other games that are included in this exhibition are: Duck Hunt, Super Mario Bros, Legend of Zelda, Wizards and Warriors, Castlevania, and more!

Now, while these posters are available for purchase, they are extremely limited! Some posters only have 25 copies and when they’re out: they’re out. So, if you come across something you love, I encourage you to snag it up quick! I know I did!

Click here for the Gallery 1988 homepage
Click here for the “Multiplayer” exhibition store

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