Love, Battles & Reality is a special one hour presentation from Limit Break Radio that examines online games in their greater social context. This is consists of three stories presented in a style similar to This American Life. The first story by Nate Bender (aka Aniero) called ‘Life Between Two Worlds: The Culture of Online Gaming‘ in which he explains the basics of what a MMO is and travels to the 2007 Final Fantasy XI FanFest. From Ross Wolinsky, his story ‘A Word To Our Players‘ takes an outside look at Final Fantasy XI through one dedicated player and asks important questions concerning the value of MMOs in our society. And in our final story from Aaron Henkin, ‘A Disturbance In The Force‘, we look at the boundaries between fiction and reality and how even just one person can blur those lines for the rest of us.

Join us for this LBR special presentation: Love, Battles & Reality

Show Notes:

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