Aniero to do Special Video Game Edition of Nightside Jazz & Blues

August 18, 2010

As some of you know for the past few years Aniero has been a DJ for CMU Public Broadcasting hosting a nighttime jazz music program called Nightside Jazz & Blues. This coming Thursday night/Friday morning will mark Aniero’s final show on Nightside and as a parting gift you will be treated to some of his favorite jazz tunes and some jazz versions of songs you may recognize including pieces from Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy XI and the Black Mages.

To hear Aniero’s final show on CMU Public Radio you can tune in to their live stream here.

Aniero will be hosting Nightside Jazz & Blues Friday morning (to some Thursday night) August 20th 2010 starting at 2am EST.

Aniero would like to thank CMU Public Broadcasting for being a great radio station and remind everyone that CMU Public Broadcasting is listener supported, much like Limit Break Radio, and is worthy of your support.

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