Limit Break Radio and Pet Food Alpha have once again joined forces to discuss the removal of the level cap from the Chains of Promathia expansion and the impact it will have on Final Fantasy XI. Aniero is joined by Fusionx of Pet Food Alpha and a handful of other guests: Xerumeru of Voices of Vana’diel podcast, now former intern Juxtaposition, Ringthree of You Are Not Your O’s Kote, former LBR guest host Omgwtfbbqkitten (aka Foobar), Vorzheva of the Cerberus server and Theodus of the Phoenix server. Our round table discussion leads many places including Abyssea and MMO development, we read and comment on your emails and more announcements about Limit Break Radio are made. Remember, Pet Food Alpha will be doing a follow up episode after the June updated currently slated for June 21’st 2010.

Show Notes:
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