You Spoony Bard! Final Fantasy XI Isn’t Done Yet!!

February 18, 2010

So, aparantly, rumors have been circling that Final Fantasy XI will close its servers in 2010 to make way for Final Fantasy XIV.

Which is ridiculous.

If you ignore the fact that Final Fantasy XI’s profit margin exceeds 50% (pg 4), if you ignore the fact that new MMO titles are not a guaranteed success (EverQuest vs EverQuest II), and if you ignore the fact that Square-Enix is busily preparing a live event based around FFXI, with FFXIV info being secondary, and the promise of big announcements in store for Final Fantasy XI, AND if you ignore the fact that the Wings of the Goddess expansion isn’t even finished yet! Well, then you have every right to believe this asinine rumor.

But, maybe, you need official confirmation from Square-Enix to believe that FFXI servers will be up and running long into the 2012 apocalypse. Well, have no fear! Today, Kotaku reported that Yoichi Wada (That’s SE’s head honcho folks!) issued a statement over Twitter saying “There seems to be a rumor that FFXI is ending, but if that was done, we’d be in trouble.”

I must say how encouraging it is to see social networking being utilized by Square-Enix! These are the people we want to hear statements like this come from. I’m sure those that had their faith waiver are steadied by this statement of the complete obvious. While the rest of us are looking at you with the same reaction…


Click Here to check out the article from Kotaku

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