Website issues

January 31, 2010

So some people must have realized the website wasn’t functioning for a few hours this morning. As weird as the following is comming out of my fingers, yes, LBR was hacked a bit this morning. Unfortunately I do not know the method of attack because of a lack of logs on the server. But we’re okay now, I keep backups of the site and just restored one to bring LBR back to life. We’re good for now and hopefuly DH will shed some light on the situation. *Pops flares*

Oh. One more thing. IE8 has cross site scripting disabled. As such, if you were using it at the time you hit this page, you were immune to the effects.

If you visited the site between 6am EST this morning and just before 12pm EST this afternoon then please make sure to scan your computer with anti-virus and anti-spyware utilities.

If any users continue to experience problems please report them to and describe the problem so we can try to address it as quickly as possible.


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