Holy crap! 50 episodes! And what a 50’th episode this is too. The Limit Break Radio crew is joined by Veloxe and Maxx-V to put an end to Assaults, covered by Kallo on The Rogue’s Den, by talking about the Nyzul Isle assault. We take you from floor 1-100 and give you our tips and strategies for making it to the other side in one piece and with some loot in tact. We also read your e-mails, find out where in the world YOU think Gamer is, and talk about the recently announced VanaFest in Japan. Kallo is late, there are…..surprises, Canadian pride, and ginger cookies…all this on the 50’th episode of Limit Break Radio!

Thanks to Starbreaker Karbine who named this episode!

The Canadian Song is courtesy of Mystery Science Theater 3000 from episode 910 ‘The Final Sacrifice’ which is coming out on the MST3K – XVII DVD March 16, 2010 from The Shout Factory BUY IT FOOLS!

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