August 24, 2006

Evening Cats and Dogs, everyone’s favorite Limit Breaking Thief with the update today. Firstly, the site is about as updated as it’s going to get visually. The only other content we intend on adding, besides the usual stuff, is in the media section. It might not go up really quick, but we’re working on it as fast as we can. The 2nd Episode has been recorded and is in the cuttingediting phase. Ani is working really, really hard on it so you guys should get it around Sunday-ish. I’d say earlier, but with his Accuracy he has trouble hitting the right spots. Remember that this show is for you guys, and therefore made possible by you. We need as much feedback as you can muster up, so get to the forums, post and make sure to spread the word forum-wide! Enough of the PBS-style message, I’ll leave you with all that to put under your shirt.

Peace, Kallo

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