Episode 47 - The Final Countdown

On today’s episode of Limit Break Radio we begin to celebrate 3 years of Final Fantasy XI podcasting!!! This was supposed to be our second call-in special, but for a variety of reasons we didn’t end up conducting the call-in special, but we are joined by Eskalia, Xerumeru and Xaze as they announce their new show to come out on the Limit Break Radio Network this year titled ‘Voices of Vana’diel‘, as well as talk about our favorite events from Final Fantasy XI. We’re also joined briefly by Fusionx of Pet Food Alpha to discuss recent trends in FFXI. We also read UK iTunes reviews, your e-mails and, of course, your voicemails in Voices of Vana’diel.

Voices of Vana’diel Website

Hmm, looks like Maat was pissed that we gave away his secrets on last years anniversary special. He’s reset the clock! You now have 9 days to figure out the secret. There are clues scattered about. All the pieces are in play. Let us know your theories!

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