LBR’s New Donation Campaign & Special Content for Donating Members!

June 30, 2008

Back in February Limit Break Radio began accepting donations to help pay our server costs. In just four short months we have raised over $300! We here at Limit Break Radio are truly grateful for the out pouring of support from all of you who have donated! We now have enough money to keep the servers running for the next two year and then some!

Because we’ve had such an enormous response we’re starting a new donation campaign here at Limit Break Radio. Unlike the last donation campagin where users were donating strictly to our server costs, we are now asking for donations to help us raise money for this years Final Fantasy XI Fanfest as well as other expenses like equipment. That’s why we have cleverly titled this fund the Limit Break Radio Fanfest and New Equipment fund! Please donate anything you can; one dollar, ten dollars, fifty cents, whatever you can spare will help us out greatly!

Lastly, as a way to say thank you, we’re going to be offering exclusive content for members who donate five dollars or more to Limit Break Radio. If you donate five dollars or more you will be granted access to a special section of the forums where we will be posting exclusive behind the scenes tidbits, access to episodes before they’re released on the site, as well as full raw episode recordings the day the show is recorded known as “LBR in the raw”, the special forum title of Star Breaker and a unique group color!

ATTENTION: Members who have already donated to the pervious donation campaign will recieve the forum status and access to the exclusive content, however, we need to verify your username and email address. So, if you have already donated to Limit Break Radio send an email to from the email address you listed when you donated and inform us of your forum username. If you no longer have the email address you listed when you donated then send us an email with the email address you listed and your forum username.

Once again we wish to thank everyone for their continued support of Limit Break Radio not just financially, but with your comments, emails, voicemails, iTunes reviews, /tells, blog posts and overall positivity toward what we do here. Doing this podcast is one of the most enjoyable things in my life and I’m continually shocked, amazed and flattered by your collective kindness and generosity.

Thank you all so much!
-Aniero & the staff

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