Bet you didn’t expect this! As promised, we’re trying to release episodes faster and more often so here’s Episode 42, our first less formal episode featuring Eskalia of Odin. Join Aniero, Kallo, Sayl and Eskalia as they reminisce about the days of old when FFXI was young and Vana’diel was still an unexplored land! Back in the day, we would have to walk 20 min to Valkrum Dunes up the plateau both ways! In 5 feet of snow. Training Goblins every step of the way. With no foot equip…and we liked it! We apologize for the audio, there was something weird going on with the equipment. We talk about our upcoming Square-Enix interview and contest and give you all the important details about that (REMINDER: Deadline for entries is MAY 1’st!). We also take your emails, iTunes reviews, a 21 Weapon Skill Salute and Voices of Vana’diel. All on this episode of Limit Break Radio!

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