Episode 41 - Hit The Books!
This episode was named by Coronos as voted on by our Starbreakers! Congratulations Coronos!
In this episode we’re joined by Hesper of the Quetzalcoatl server to talk about the last job that Limit Break Radio has to tackle: Scholar! Backing him up, our veteran guest and long standing staff member Omgwtfbbqkitten aka Foobar lending his expertise to the topic. Gamer is MIA for this episode, so sitting in his his place we’re also joined by special guest Triquetra! We also announce changes to Limit Break Radio as a result of the listener survey, take an e-mail from Napkin of Odin, and we announce details about our Tidal Talisman contest due to hit the site in April, plus all the in-depth Scholar talk here on Limit Break Radio!

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