LBR’s NPC Mimicry Contest!

August 26, 2008

You heard the general gist of the contest on Episode 35! Here’s our official write up on it! The objective? Pick any NPC in the worldhistory of Vana’diel, call into our Voices of Vana’diel…and give us your best impression! So, your checklist should look like this…

1. Download Skype!
2. Add LimitBreakRadio to your Contact List!
3. Call LimitBreakRadio until you get the Voicemail.
4. State your NameServerNPC you’re Mimicking
5. Mimic that NPC!

Contest starts right now! And it ends the day of the big September Update! So, keep an eye out and get those Entries in ASAP. Some things to consider…

A. You can enter as many entries as you wish
B. You can only win for one entry.
C. The top three winners will be announced and played on Episode 36, part two of our two year anniversary.
D. All three top winners will receive a free LBR T-shirt!
E. The first place winner will get a chance to join us for the Limit Breaking News for the September Update!
F. The judging of ALL entries will be recorded and posted in the Star Breakers sections, exclusively for those who’ve donated to LBR.

So? What’re you waiting for? A Post card?! An invitation?
Don’t be a bore! You can’t even resist the temptation! Oh, ho ho ho~!

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